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Resource Guide to moving a Home in University Park

The Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society works to retain the architectural gems of our community. If the building needs to be removed so that another purpose can be made of the land the Society encourages the moving of the structure to another location. This preserves the building and reuses the materials. Additionally it is also good for the environment as the materials do not end up in a landfill. Information from the National Trust for Historic Preservation shows the following:

  • "According to a formula produced for the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, about 80 billion BTUs of energy are embodied in a typical 50,000-square-foot commercial building. That's the equivalent of 640,000 gallons of gasoline. If you tear the building down, all of that embodied energy is wasted.
  • What's more, demolishing that same 50,000-square-foot building would create nearly 4,000 tons of waste. That's enough debris to fill 26 railroad boxcars and a train nearly a quarter of a mile long, headed for a landfill that is already almost full."

    This excerpt was taken from a speech on sustainable stewardship by our president, Richard Moe, in Berkeley, California. For the complete speech, please follow this link: Sustainable Stewardship

Extrapolating this information, demolition of a 3571 square foot house amounts to 285 tons of waste and the energy wasted is equivalent to 45,714 gallons of gasoline.

The Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society has prepared a Resource Guide on Moving a Home in University Park. Click Here to view

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