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History of the Park Cities Historical Society

The Park Cities Historical Society was founded by Mrs. Gordon R. Dysart on February 8, 1982, following discussions with residents who felt the need to preserve the heritage of their unique community. A group of friends were invited to the home of Mr. & Mrs. Dysart, 3413 Cornell Avenue, to participate in the organization of the Society. The purpose of the Society and the benefits to the Park Cities in the future were discussed. The group was in unanimous agreement to form the Society and the basic structure was adopted.

Those attending and contributing to the meeting were:

Mrs. Reubin H. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Pierce M. Allman
Mr. & Mrs. Wilson W. Crook, Jr.
Mrs. Tom Moore Dees

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Drake
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon R. Dysart
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Finlay

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Gilchrist
Mrs. Ann Reed Dittmar
Mrs. Phillip Gray John

Mrs. Arthur Shannon
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry S. Stover
Mrs. Marjorie B. Waters

Articles of Incorporation were duly filed on March 29, 1982.

Since its founding, the Society was active in three different areas of historical interest. An extensive photographic survey of the Park Cities' residences was completed and stored in the Society's archives. As an accompaniment to the survey, a landmark designation program for buildings and sites has been instituted with the first designation in December 1986. In addition, an educational program about the history and heritage of the Park Cities was developed and implemented in the community. 

History of Preservation Park Cities

Preservation Park Cities was organized by area residents concerned about the loss of architecturally significant older homes and buildings in the community.

The motto "Preserving the legacy and character of our community" reflected the organization's mission which was to encourage the preservation of older structures and the appropriate design of newer constructions.

Preservation Park Cities strived to build a foundation of historic sensitivity in the Park Cities by identifying specifics structures that are worth saving, and by communicating their historical significance to the community.

The organization encouraged homeowners to preserve their older homes and protect them into the future and worked towards creating an environment in which respectful and responsible building practices are actively embraced.

The Preservation Park Cities historic marker program honored and recognized older or historic homes in HP and UP that retained most of their original architectural details. While changes are inevitable over time, the goal of the program was to acknowledge and honor these properties. The marker did not carry any restrictions for homeowners. The design was a replica of the Spanish-style gate entrances to the old Loma Linda development. Architect David Williams built these Moorish structures and accompanying walls along Mockingbird Lane and Preston Road in 1924.

Merger: Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society

In 2006 the Historical Society and Preservation Park Cities recognized that they were working for similar purposes and merged. Together the organizations have recognized over 180 homes and building sites, through rigorous valuation, with bronze plaques posted on each site. The current community-led Society is an active, cohesive organization that continues to protect and promote the historic, architectural, cultural and aesthetic legacy of the Park Cities.

Past Presidents

Park Cities Historical Society

1982-1983  Lucy Cary Dysart

1983-1984  Pierce Allman

1984-1985  Lindalyn Adams

1985-1986  Bob Littlejohn

1986-1987  Edward Drake

1987-1988  Lynn Vogt

1988-1989  Lynn Vogt

1989-1990  Tie Davis

1990-1991  Gordon Dysart

1991-1992  Taylor Armstrong

1992-1993  Sylvia LaRue

1993-1994   Pat Sreenan

1994-1995  Mary Shoemaker

1995-1996  Trevor Rees-Jones

1996-1997  Henry Gilchrist

1997-1998  John H. Cockrell, Jr.

1998-1999  Betty Tatum

1999-2000  Bob Littlejohn

2000-2001  Carole McBride

2001-2002  Kathy Myers

2002-2003  MaryAnn Edney

2003-2004  Jan Harbour

2004-2005  Carolyn Rogers

2005-2006  Taylor Armstrong

Preservation Park Cities

Incorporation June 11, 2001

2002  Michael K. Matthews

2003  JoAnna Barnes

2004  JoAnna Barnes

2005  Lee Roever

2006  Peter Tanguy

Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society

2006-2007  Lee Roever

2007-2008  Meredy McClure

2008-2009  Cynthia Beaird

2009-2010  Sandra Cude

2010-2011  Bruce Harbour

2011-2012  Harry Shawver

2012-2013  Mike Tibbals

2013-2014  Al McClendon

2014-2015  Joan Clark

2015-2016  Kendall Jennings

2016-2017  Cynthia Beaird

2017-2018  Lucinda Buford

2018-2019  Venise Stuart

2019-2020  Marla Boone

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